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20700 Avalon Blvd

Suite 11111

CARSON CA, 90749


20700 Avalon Blvd Suite #11111
Carson, California 90749

(310) 291-5315

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Runway 4 Peace 2nd Annual Fashion Show!

Karen Roberson

MGWC attended the Second Annual Runway 4 Peace Fashion Show in Compton California.

Runway 4 Peace is an non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness for the STOP THE VIOLENCE cause by gathering our youth to create and showcase a positive event within our community. As well as giving young girls the opportunity to experience life on the runway.

The Founder
DeNika Turner-Stephens, have a passion with a purpose.
"I turned my dream into something that can benefit others. Modeling is something I always had interest in, due to the limited income of my parents, I was unable to attend modeling classes for professional guidance. Growing up in the city of Compton, there were not many activities for young girls to participate in besides, sports or cheer-leading. I wanted to be a model and at that time there were no programs to assist me in fulfilling my dream. Therefore, I taught myself how to catwalk by mimicking super models, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, and have been in over 50+ fashion shows. However, at times, the frustration grew on me because I wasn't the "industry type" model (5'9, slim, great bone structure, etc) and was rejected many times by designers.
That is when I made a promised to myself, I wanted to create a program where young women who had interest in modeling could have a starting point. Unfortunately, there was a minor setback. My niece, Erica Miranda was shot 3 times at the age of 10 (March 2010), while playing outside of her home. It was fortunate that God blessed her to live and she is now walking again. After tragic struck, I was eager to raise awareness towards the STOP THE VIOLENCE cause. I've known many people who have been killed due to violence. As for my major comeback, I finally came up with the name Runway 4 Peace for my organization to create and showcase positivity in our community.
I produced my first successful fashion show in June 2012. After 2 years past,  I better prepared myself to produce the most anticipated fashion show in city of Compton. With over 150 attendees, the Runway 4 Peace Fashion Show made it on LA Times website and blew peoples mind away due to the purpose behind this uncoventional event."

MGWC were happy to make a donation to help support Runway 4 Peace in their efforts to Stop the Violence in our Community. To support Runway 4 Peace and to stay updated on their upcoming events, visit MGWC was honored to be a part of this amazing event and look forward to many more!!! Congrats De'Nika and keep impacting the community one cat walk at a time!